Happy Christmas, New Years and 2019 – all in one! After a hectic semester and festive period I haven’t focused much on writing after bashing out essay after essay at the end of uni last year.

However, it’s a new year which means it has been a whole year since I became fully vegan and joined in with the ever-growing Veganuary pledge. This year broke records with 168,542 people signing up to be vegan, at least for the month of January, a 183% increase from 2017. Veganuary’s goal is to set people up with the knowledge to try a vegan lifestyle – as you’re more likely to keep with it after a few weeks because that’s when you see the changes to your body and health and when habits can become routine.

After eating veggie for around 8/9 years and since cutting out some dairy products prior, I found that going vegan was a simple and obvious lifestyle for me to adapt – hence why I have sustained it for a whole year now.

The first year of my vegan journey has been very varied. I started the year eating really well and cooking a lot more – and eating a lot of spinach. Then began eating not as well nearing assessment deadlines which is predicable, before kicking off my workout and healthy eating in May. Throughout the summer I was eating really well, cooking lots and working out around four times a week. Then it was back to uni and it all went downhill – too much going out and eating some very questionable meals.

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But, 2019 and the only thing I’m changing within my diet is eating lots more whole foods and using them as a basis for meal as well as cutting back on my sugar and alcohol intake – less sweets and less wine basically. I’ve also decided to workout at home until I come back from uni and can re-join my local gym for the summer.

I am looking to continue and improve being super sustainable and ethical within my other purchasing decisions e.g. toiletries, cosmetics and fashion.

A lot of the main things I’ve learnt with going vegan (diet-wise) are all featured in THIS POST and tips on how I try to be more sustainable within my wardrobe are in THIS POST.

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Also, check out my food inspo instagram @beetspls for meal ideas and reviews of some of the new vegan products that are coming out on a what seems like, daily basis.

Good luck and happy 2019!



(taken from That Vegan Couple’s recommendations)



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