We watched the first INIFD LST show this morning, so it was exciting to see a second show of amazing talent. “A Journey Beyond” paid homage to traditional design ideas and textiles. Light-weight linen and cotton fabrics created a simple base for extensive detail.

Asymmetrical cuts and non-form silhouettes alluded the creative flare that runs throughout the designs, golden thread and jewelled embellishments elevated many of the looks. We spoke to one of the designers who incorporated her love of animals into her love of using cotton. When asked if there were any challenges in particular in creating her giraffe motif collection she told us that whilst their designs are fuelled by artist flare they need “to keep in mind the cliental, it has to sell, and it has to make a business”.

We also saw an array of brocade garments, patchwork textiles with a mix of structured pieces to mid-length flowing skirts. Large hoop earrings with long fringing detail added an extra element, alongside the tribal-inspired make-up. The traditional Asian aspects continued as we watched an exploration through the garment selection with a blush pink kimono style dress that glided down the catwalk.

London School of Trends is leading the way through shaping the careers of new talented designers. The school hopes to nurture their students so they can find their own style and reach their design potentials. With over 20 years of experience within the industry and close links to global institutions like INIFD in Asia, they are able to provide a personalised learning experience.

 Photography by Erefua Boakye


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