FJU is an annual platform featuring designers from Taiwan. Fu Jen Catholic University’s Textiles and Clothing department sponsors the showcase that supports up and coming designers. Today we saw collections from Ming Jo Hsieh, Kai Ting Chen and Yi Hsuan Wang.

First to show was Hsieh’s collection. Influences of social issues and art within fashion were apparent as loud commercial-style prints created a collage effect on the oversized garments. Non-form silhouettes and unique draping techniques alluded a street-inspired collection that challenged the traditional definitions of beauty.

Struggles of war as inspired by the film “City of Life and Death” focusing on the war Nan-King in 1937 created a foundation to newspaper-print garments in Kai Ting Chen’s collection. Deconstructed military uniforms layered underneath plastic textiles demonstrated more draping practices and pattern making as the music drummed louder and the models paced faster down the runway, illustrating the intensity of the collection.

Yi Hsuan Wang presented an equally as adventurous collection featuring abstract three-dimensional shapes moulded onto dresses with dashes of red and tulle accents. Wang aimed to ‘show everyone their Taiwanese culture’, and blends ‘influences of his childhood with new construction techniques’ through his twist on the traditional facial totem that can be seen throughout his SS19 collection.

FJU is a leading Fashion and Design institute that was founded in 1970. The University aims to equip students with many essential design skills whilst implementing a holistic education. They hope to guide students to develop as individuals and ensure professional progress. Designers to showcase their work are chosen by industry experts and mentored to encapsulate their vision.

Photography by Catherine Baker

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