FAD is an organisation that aims to help young creatives build a sustainable design career no matter their background. The charity wants to break the boundaries and stereotypes that still exist within the fashion industry. FAD also works closely with the industry to campaign for diversity, fair access and better representation which in turn, has given so many people a platform to showcase their work. Ethnic background, financial situation and personal circumstances are entirely disregarded as they continue to support a whole range of creatives. Their flagship project, Fashion Futures, hopes to bring Londoners together with industry professionals and teach them essential skills and offer a variety of experiences.

This season 20 young people showcased a look each, with a crowd filled with their family, friends and industry insiders. We saw incredibly talented young designers send out a mixture of textiles and designs, showing off all the skills they have acquired at FAD. A three-dimensional floral embellished dress that echoed spring-time blossom was enhanced by a blush pink tulle skirt, black garments was elevated with bright contrasting detailing and a hyper cropped metallic bronze jacket was also seen sauntering down the catwalk.

The use of diverse models and the vast amount of talent that these young designers had, because of FAD and their pure creativity, was overwhelming and emotional. The award announcing at the end had everyone cheering and applauding. An amazing charity, show and way to  end another amazing Fashion Scout.

Photography by Catherine Baker


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