Alice-Jane, originally from Malaysia has evolved her extensive music background into an abundance of abstract designs with her collections. She studied new music composition at the University of Music Freiburg, Germany where she explored many philosophical concepts and avant-garde forms of art. She has continued to challenge norms within her designs where she is often influenced through themes of fear, inner depth of self, emotions, demons and desire.

Oversized silhouettes with androgynous cuts showcased Alice-Jane’s effortlessly sleek yet minimal designs. Accents of neon piped across all-black jackets elevated the variety of neutral hues and deconstructed shirts demonstrated how wearable the collection is despite having a sharp edge to the design. It was apparent that Alice-Jane explored a variety of techniques whilst still pairing back on the embellishments. Large hoop earrings worn only on one side with long fringing accentuated the ‘work-wear with a twist’ element that was apparent throughout the collection. Dashes of emerald green on mid-length pleated skirts and bright orange ruffled cuffs enhanced the otherwise relaxed style.

Her designs began in 2016 with her ‘Influence’ collection and then the ‘Dissonanz’ which she showcased at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week in 2017 which was greatly received, a huge achievement in one of the most prestigious fashion events in the country. Alice-Jane aspires to challenge people with her thought-provoking concepts that allow the garments to appeal to a vast audience.

Photography by Catherine Baker

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