For many people, September is about getting back into routine after a relaxing holiday abroad or after weeks of BBQ’s, day trips and drinking ice cold Pimms in the garden. But then there’s the reality of work and school life as soon as September looms around the corner. However, this is the time where many of us want to get organised for the last few months of the year. So aside from trying not to panic that we have basically flown through this year, it’s time to pause and adopt a few healthy habits that will keep you productive and organised.

Time Management

Time management is a skill that we have to adopt no matter what our lifestyle is. This could mean timetabling meetings, drinks with friends or even planning your child’s social life around yours. Finding the right way to plan your time just takes some practice. Getting out that diary you were given for Christmas last year and jotting down upcoming events is a good start. However, if you spend a lot of time on-the-go or at a computer screen, Google calendar may be a better option. Just by having a Google account allows you to access your calendar on your phone, laptop or other device so it’s always to hand and you can be reminded of events or tasks to complete.


Daily Goal Setting

Learning to organise and manage your time effectively means you can go ahead and start setting yourself some daily or weekly goals. These can be as small as cleaning the bathroom to putting all those clothes on eBay that you have been meaning to do for months. They could also be steps towards achieving a greater aspiration. By breaking down the steps in which you need to take to achieve this you can set daily goals to make it more manageable and realistic. These can be formed through creating to-do lists, either in a planner or on your phone – anywhere that you will have to hand and will refer to throughout the day.


Meal Planning and Prep

Keeping on track of your life is a healthy habit to incorporate, but eating a healthy diet is also incredibly important so you can fuel your mind and body in order to stay productive. No surprises here – organisation comes into this too! Whilst everyone’s lifestyle is different, planning your meals ahead of time means you are less likely to be left with no options for dinner and economically you will only shop for what you know you are going to consume within the week. Meal prepping is also handy if you don’t have time to make lunch every morning or if you find yourself spending way too much on meal deals every month. Cooking up a batch of nutritious food can make sure you’re eating a healthy meal, saving the pennies and give you those few extra minutes in bed in the morning.


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