Day Four

Fashion Scout

With SOE Jakarta’s designer, Monique Soeriaatmadja’s lust for innovative designs, it bodes well that she formulates her collections using cut fabrics developed after working closely with weavers from all over the country. Monique uses these delicate textiles to juxtapose more modern fabrics accompanied by inspiration from landscapes. She focuses on sleek, stylish pieces that can be worked into any women’s wardrobe.

SOE Jakarta’s AW18 collection is a polished and meticulous presentation playing contouring against asymmetry and severe lines. We saw loose fitting chiffon shirts, dresses and skirts fused with hessian textiles to create contrast and texture. Neutral tones with accents of navy and blue deployed the minimalistic elements of the collection. Modernistic styles such as flared, ruffled trousers and and bandeau jumpsuits overlaid white high neck, chiffon shirts represented the twist on workwear styles that Monique echoes within her designs.


The modest drum beats coincided with the natural components of the collection, illustrating the everyday feel of the pieces. Each outfit was paired with black, suede ankle boots that contrasted the nude colour palette of many of the garments. However, there was some variation with a sophisticated long-length black and blue coloured tailcoat and an element of a warm dusk coral shade with a pair of wide-leg trousers. A light white chiffon shirt, gathered the sleeves and navy blue silk pleated skirts hung off the model effortlessly, contrasting the more tailored styles.

Monique Soeriaatmadja graduated in 2007 from Goldsmiths University, London. Ever since she had used a range of traditional, complex weaving techniques. She blends Indonesian textiles with textures inspired by sportswear and contemporary arts. She states that “each undyed strand of hand-spun cotton yarn was manually laid and woven in with random gaps to create beautiful textures”. Through creating these beautiful pieces with a classic silhouette the unique flare of her designs catches the eyes of many.


Photography by Becky Mukerji

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