It’s been over two months since I went vegan properly and despite not being plant-based for very long, I have really found it has been so much easier than I thought. There are countless arguments against veganism, however, it’s 2018 and cutting out animal products has never been easier.

If you are curious about ‘vegan myths’ or have an arguments against plant-based diets then I could not recommend enough heading to EarthlingEd’s YouTube channel. He gives factual and sound information to refute any argument you may have – he’s incredibly knowledgeable and 100% worth a watch even if you aren’t interested in turning vegan but want to know a little bit more about the lifestyle.

However, this post is simply about a few of the things that I have found really useful and will continue to do in order to make the change easy and sustainable. Being a student and being vegan is something that a lot of people may believe is difficult but it’s actually been very attainable.

1. Research the Industry

Once you have properly looked into the meat and dairy industry and educated yourself on the hidden horrors you’re so much more likely to stick with it. Great documentaries to watch are; Cowspiracy, Earthlings and What the Health – there are so many good YouTube channels like EarthlingEd which are really informative too. Obviously not everything you read will be true, but just by exploring some facts will give you more meaning towards becoming vegan/staying vegan.

2. Meal Plan

I meal planned for the most part last year as well, it’s a simple hack to save money and avoid wasting food. By jotting down a rough meal plan before you go shopping means you don’t over spend and you can use up all your food efficiently over the course of the week. Especially as I eat a lot of fresh fruit and veg, I need to know that it won’t go off ect.

All the sweet treats. I love making simple pancakes with syrup and berries, smoothie bowls and I recently made this amazing oreo chocolate cake – such a treat but so worth it.

3. Research The Alternatives

There is an abundance of vegan options now, even if your local supermarket doesn’t stock much, check online and you will find loads. I now do my food shop online for this reason, plus is a lot better than getting a sweat on traipsing up all the hill with bags in each hand. Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s are particularly great for alternatives and they don’t cost a small fortune, despite what people may say. Once you’re educated on the things that don’t contain animal products, shopping becomes easier and easier. Also, look up the vegan options at restaurants or even better, vegan food places – look online or get the HappyCow app and browse away. My absolute fave is Zizi’s pizza – it’s amazing!

Go-to meals; sweet potato and lentil curry, falafels and sweet potato mash with grains and spinach, fried veggies, tofu and beans always with lots of hummus.

4. Eat The Foods You Love

I’ve been plant-based for over a month now and have not eaten a single salad for a meal, why? Because I would rather be eating a fajita wrap with tonnes of hummus or a veggie burger and chips or a huge plate of pesto pasta. Don’t force yourself to eat kale if you hate kale, if ice-cream is your favourite sweet treat, then buy some damn almond dream or ben and jerry’s dairy free ice cream instead. Obviously, it’s still essential to try new things and eat a healthy, balanced diet but don’t deprive yourself or you won’t stick with it.

Pizza with vegan cheese, mushrooms and spinach is my fave as well as this Burger and Bao vegan burger with mac and cheese truffles.

5. Be Prepared

Carrying snacks with you is always a good shout, just in case you are somewhere and there is literally nothing you can eat or if you just get hungry. It means you won’t be tempted to go for the non-vegan option and means you know you’ll won’t be in a panic to find food asap.

Pasta!! My favourite is vegan pesto with pasta and veggies and this Sainsbury’s vg mac and cheese that I added mushrooms and spinach too. I also love adding fried veggies and vegan cheese.

I could go on and there are many I’ve missed but those were a few key things that make turning plant-based so much easier for me. I hope it was helpful.


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  1. Just followed! You have some really interesting posts and I’ve been vegan for just over 2 weeks now, and yes, it’s really not that hard everyone! xx


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