“Note to bloggers who change head-to-toe paid-to-wear outfits every hour: please stop. Find another business. You are heralding the death of style,” wrote Sally Singer, Vogue US creative digital director.

For years the fashion industry has seen bloggers vs magazines. Since the rise in online content and influencers, many have been perceived as simply having an easy ride, getting free clothes and tickets to amazing events and shows in return for some coverage on social media or their blog. But blogging has become so much more than just ‘ramblings on you’re little corner of the internet’, we are now talking huge influence and big money. We’ve not just seen bloggers in campaigns, they now take to the front row and have even appeared on the front covers of magazines.

Credit – Derek Lamb

Where we went from photos being taken in the neat corner of a bedroom to fully fledged professional photo shoots, many blogs are now businesses and is it only now that fashion magazines are properly accepting that they are not the only players when it comes to online style and beauty content?

It was just this week that it was announced that well-renowned British blogger, Victoria at InTheFROW was going to be joining GLAMOUR UK as a resident fashion columnist. Armed with her Fashion degree, PhD in Consumer Behaviour for Mobile Fashion Retailing and experience in lecturing on top of her impressive blogging career. An online career that has seen her collaborate with some of the biggest brands and even launch her own accessories line with Strathberry.

Credit – InTheFROW


The businesses and brands that many bloggers have created for themselves cannot be suppressed. Whilst the line has blurred between online fashion magazine editorials and structured blog posts, the time and effort is something they both have in common. Is the only difference the working environment?

Any thoughts?


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