Fashion Scout at London Fashion Week

With a mission to use the power of fashion to raise awareness on the poaching crisis and fund Fashion for Conservation began the global tour of their exhibition all over the world, Canada, US, Spain and Europe have been subject to these profound collections that work so hard to convey their messages worldwide.

Outstanding peacock feather headwear similar to Roman helmets impressed the audience as models walked out in black and gold tailored suits, sequinned from head to toe with exaggerated shoulder pads. Intense music intwined with animal sounds was the music of choice, creating an powerful atmosphere. Liquid gold make-up was painted on the models faces and their skin beaming, complimentary of the jewellery. Golden bangles shaped like a serpents heads were wrapped around the wrists, encrusted with ruby red and turquoises gems. The tribal influences of floaty satin dresses were contrasted against many of the tailored suit pieces. The opening collection of Peacock Feathers and Luxury was Majestic mystics created by Jatin Patel for Kalikas Armour. The second collection was by Rene Garza.

The second designer to show continued to encapsulated the whimsical theme, a sheer chiffon lime green and burnt orange tunic dresses floated down the runway. Glowing skin, braided hair, septum piercings and large hoop earrings accessorised the mesh pieces with metallic textures perfectly. Huge tulle collars like Elizabethan “ruffs” embodied the neck, adding to the delicacy of the collection.

Founded by three women; Nazanine Afshar, Dr. Samantha Zwicker and Ava Holmes, who understand that as creatives within the fashion industry they must use their platform to address important issues. Elephants are some of the most beautiful and majestic animals on the planet, yet 20% of the African elephant population has been lost in just 10 years, one killed every 15 minutes. This is why Fashion for Conservation is working profusely to mix couture with consciousness by bringing this issue into the spotlight and to raise money. They focus on creating consciousness towards the elephants habitats and endangered species.



Photography by Becky Mukerji

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