Fashion Scout at London Fashion Week

With an array of astrological inspired prints with a colour palette of blue hues and cream accents. We saw intricate white stitching imitating constellations on sky blue, loose-fitting garments, as mellow beats from DJ Questionmark played in the background.

Chiffon, navy, pleated skirts that skimmed the body created an elegant silhouette. His unique knitwear techniques and and fantasy inspired themes have built up his incredible brand name. His exceptional skills were presented when heads turned to admire the imaginative cream, knit headwear which imitated the shape of a lampshade, covering the face with floral croquet netting hanging down. Apu Jan incorporated a selection of structured pieces, embodied in the cosmic embroidery on silk fabric, layered over one another. Long-line blazers and coats with oversized sleeves, capsulated the clean modernistic styles that Apu Jan reiterates within his designs each season.

Each look was paired with minimal platform, laced shoes and natural make-up with just a hint of shimmery white shadow on the eyes. Hair was pulled back into a messy top knot, keeping all the focus on the precious stitching techniques that encapsulated the audience.

Apu Jan is a contemporary London based designer that has been showcasing his collections consecutively at London Fashion Week soon after he graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2012. Apu Jan’s collections have elements of contemporary styles integrated with oriental aspects with a sophisticated mix of inspiration from the East and West.

The Apu Jan label has developed into a unique hub of femininity featuring ruffling, complex knitting techniques and deconstructed dresses. A range of suits style, the use of pinstripes and jacquard textiles really demonstrates the inclusiveness of the pieces. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that his collections have been featured in many established fashion publications and his brand was selected as one of the top 10 Culture and Creative brands in Taiwan, his country of origin.


Photography by Becky Mukerji

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