Fashion Scout at London Fashion Week

Cassey Gan, born in Malaysia, previously completed a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering in Melbourne. She took a complete 180 when she swapped test tubes for sketch books and moved to England to study fashion design and technology: womenswear at London College of Fashion. Cassey’s geometric and stylish pieces, fueled by concepts and ideologies, demonstrate her creative talent. She was also 1 out of 34 UK graduates to be featured in Vogue Italia’s global edition of “discovering fashion’s future generation of talents”.

‘Picture Perfect’ saw pieces layered one over another, causing the vibrant prints to clash, but not compete in a colour palette of black, grey, blue, yellow and red. Inspired by Maria Svarbova’s “Swimming Pool” series, Cassey challenged beauty standards and explored the idea that we create fictional versions of ourselves due to the pressures of social media. Cassey also took print inspiration from this photo series creating contrasting grid patterns with curved lines symbolizing the picture we paint for ourselves online.

Modernity and comfort are common within Cassey’s designs. For Autumn/Winter ‘18 her collection is minimal in way of the structure and cut of the garments, with the patterns and prints bursting with colour taking center stage. Combinations of navy blue and green, blush pink and grey, and red and black only enhanced the beautiful silhouettes. She opted for a white backdrop and the models wore white statement earring with sleek hairstyles to ensure the prints and textures were in the spotlight.

Each collection she has created involves a series of concepts, and inspiration is taken from life stories and experiences. Cassey enjoys mixing cultural influences from the West and the Far East as well as playing with colour and combining textures to create non-form, avant-garde pieces. Previous collections have been inspired by childhood memories and her travels to Iceland, she has also worked with artist, Mark Tan to create the monochromatic prints that were featured in her collection last season.



Photography by Stefan Jakubowski

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