Fashion Scout at London Fashion Week

Unveiling Dalia El Ali’s latest collection is Dubai Design and Fashion Council (DDFC) in partnership with FAD institute of luxury, fashion and style Dubai (FAD Dubai). Dalia has Palestinian and Lebanese heritage but she was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates. She has been chasing her passion since working as an investment banker before studying fashion design at London College of Fashion in 2013.

Before graduating, Dalia worked as a stylist on a couple of magazines before she graduated from LCF. This is where she learned profound skills within design as she experimented with sketching and explored various fabrics and techniques. Dalia then created her first ready-to-wear collection which features all the playful and dainty aspects that she wishes to convey through her designs. By using ruffles, and cut-out details, pieces such as wide-leg trousers and bohemian wrap around cropped top* are an extension of her own 60’s and 70’s inspired style. Dalia creates feminine, modern and wearable pieces with a dash of vintage nostalgia for fun, dynamic women who are full of life.

Dazzling rose gold sequinned shoulder padded dresses, beautiful navy blue and lilac constellation prints and a reoccurring Prince of Wales check print were all admired by the audience. Dalia’s collection ‘Sirius’ displayed themes of female empowerment and modernity. This was illustrated though the use of the #timesup and #metoo movement tags, which were printed in white on the back on deconstructed black denim jackets. The collection starred a variety of these prints and asymmetric cuts though an array of dresses, jumpsuits and loose fitting trousers. She experiments with the styling of her garments, some sitting effortlessly off the shoulder of the models.

Dalia merged contemporary, work-wear suit jackets with metallic party dresses to demonstrate the diversity of her own personal style. Chrome heels compliment the retro inspired hair and make-up. Bright pink eyeshadow and quaffed, gelled hair adds an extra contrasting factor to the, otherwise, very feminine look.


Photography:  Nicholas Kristiansen


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