Fashion Scout at London Fashion Week

Returning to the catwalk with yet another incredible collection was the fabulous, Pam Hogg. The self taught fashion mogul has had an extensive career in fashion and music with her band “Doll” opening for Blondie in 1993.  Hogg returned to fashion in the late 90’s and her success has only blossomed further as she received a standing ovation when she returned to London Fashion Week in 2009. London’s post-punk movement and her adoration for music are concepts which are illustrated in her fashion designs.

Today, Lisa Snowdon, Jo Wood and Tallia Storm were some on the names that took to there seats in the FROW to witness the marvellous creations that Pam was showcasing this season. Manipulated doll figures and militaristic garment made their way down the runway. Pam’s cult mesh catsuits were first to appear, with an array of colourful tulle ruffles placed all over.

Pam Hogg’s striking new collection for Autumn/ Winter 2018 also debuted PVC bright pink and pea green PVC trench coats with huge collars and belt ties, these were an iconic piece. The latex high leg boots with check coats with accentuated skirts added to the mix of the textures and patterns that worked together.

Traces of Marie Antionette’s style were exhibited as the make-up consisted of vivid rose pink blusher and matching eyeshadow even her signature beauty spot. The exotic, gold bird headwear could also be associated to the French fashion icon. Military style caps were embellished with pearls and tulle ruffles were added to the hems to add splashes to vibrant colours like lime green, fuchsia pink and baby blue to juxtapose the all-black mesh catsuits.

Pearled shoulder pads glistened, the elegant twist on a such a structured style was refreshing to watch. Pam learnt the power of recycling and customising at a young age through her father’s influence.Her wild imagination combined with her impressive self-taught skills, demonstrates how eye-catching her collections are. Her work is now being showcased in exhibitions worldwide as an example of her commitment to the industry and her innovativeness that is shown through her dazzling catwalk collections.

The “Lifetime Achievement” award winner has explored a variety of concepts surrounding the theme of rebellion and subversiveness. Hogg’s awe-inspiring designs have been the talk of fashion week for years as she has also incorporated political statements into her collections. In 2014 she noted the Pussy Riot group and the issue surrounding gay rights in Russia.


Photography:  Nicholas Kristiansen

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