As Jonny Johansson dips his toes into the world of haute couture, this new collection for Fall is a breath of fresh air and an example of the incredible potential of the Scandinavian fashion house. Acne Studio’s new collection will now show during Couture week in Paris, in an attempt to “focus, and create even stronger designs and collections” (Mattias Magnusson).

It resembles a “quieter, less incessant rhythm of life” and this is shown through the use of oversized trench coats, overlapping collars and the romantic mix of woollen and silk textiles.

Embroidery,  attention to detail yet comfort are made apparent within the collection, as shown through the use of belting the ankle-length coats. The oversized shoelace ‘tie’ gives the look a kitsch, retro feel. The use of lilac shades was also noted as Johansson carefully moves his pieces to transition from Summer to Fall. The sheer, floral, lilac dresses are contrasted by other more autumnal patterns such as check and burnt orange tones that feature throughout.

This collection draws away from Acne’s usual neutral and blush toned ready-to-wear pieces and he’s revived the notorious jackets and coats with a sense of early 90’s nostalgia. I love the direction the brand has taken to really establish themselves as an well-founded house.

*Images and quote taken from Vogue 

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