Week 2 of Veganuary. A slightly different week to the last, I definitely  tried out a few vegan junk food options, made some student-style meals that I can replicate now I’m back at uni as well as do a pretty big food shop. I planned out the staple food, my favourite fresh fruit and veg and what foods have which nutrients in them, in order to get  a really balanced and healthy variety of foods.

I noted down some vegan cupboard essentials that I would need such as spices, nutritional yeast, tofu, grains and beans. Then foods such as pasta, lentils and rice as well as granola and bread. Lots of fresh fruit and veg but in proportion and in alignment with a rough meal plan for the week ahead.


Week 3, and it’s definitely difficult cooking in my uni kitchen. The mess isn’t too much of an issue but it is the limited space in the fridge and freezer that is the problem. In our flat there are 6 of us and we have to share 1 fridge (4 shelves) and a freezer (4 drawers) between us, it’s really impractical and it means having fresh fruit and veggies is difficult.

Meal planning has been a lifesaver and having a hand blender (thanks mum) has also been great for making soups and smoothies. Nevertheless, the lazy student lifestyle has meant I’m loving the Merchant Gourmet grains, pulses and quinoa packs for a simple addition to any meal. The Mexican one is pretty close to my very low spice threshold, but it tastes amazing and of course is even better with a huge helping of hummus on the side!



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