Veganism has been something of interest to me for the last couple of years, I tried it once before for about six months before bringing cheese and chocolate back into my diet. However, after being vegetarian for eight years, this year is going to be when I fully cut out all animal produce and focus on living a sustainable and healthy life.

My relationship with food hasn’t always been the healthiest and my knowledge on wellbeing has also not been the  best until I began fully educating myself on as much as I could about the meat and dairy industries and this is why this time around I am coming into veganism with morals and education, rather than doing it just loose weight and as a crash-style diet.


  1. I actually enjoy cooking – I’ve always been fairly lazy when it comes to cooking and preparing food, it’s easy at uni just to shove some food in the oven for 20 minutes and you’re done. I always thought I was bad at cooking but this week I have proven myself very wrong. A plant based diet means cooking, experiencing and being creative with meals as well as ensuring you’ve got enough of the right foods and nutrients. I have found YouTube channels such as; Mina Rome, Christie Swadling and GraceFitUK helpful as well as The Vegan Kind, Pinterest and My Fitness Pal for recipes and tracking nutrients. This is educating me on what different foods are and how to create a balanced plant based diet.
  2. B12 and nutrition yeast – I never knew about having to take a B12 supplement before so I’m glad I do now, and wow, nutritional yeast makes such a difference in cooking. Again, so happy I’m learning how to properly sustain this lifestyle well.
  3. Holland and Barrett is bae – (and the Sainsburys free from section) both absolute life savers and made me realise actually how many substitutes there are. I love sweet treats and I’m not going to miss out that’s for sure. Especially seeing as the Sainsburys FF white chocolate tastes like white choc and icing together – DREAMY.

Next weekend I go back to Uni and have to deal with a extremely crappy kitchen, nonetheless, I will continue to cook easy and simple yet nutritious and plant based meals despite the odds. I’m so glad I’ve got these two weeks before-hand to run through some recipes and get to know how to cook certain foods so it *fingers crossed* is as easy at Uni as it has been here so far.

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  1. Glad it’s going well! The food in the photos looks so delicious And professional!! Good luck with the rest of the month 😊🌱


    1. editbyellie says:

      Thank you so much! x

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