Acne Studios is a brand I’m currently studying for one of my modules at Uni and in the process I’ve become even more obsessed over the pieces they have. I’ve wanted a Velocite jacket for years but so many more items are catching my eye this season. I love the eyewear they’ve been bring out. Like the quirky mix-match ones above. Acne’s accessories game is always so strong and this year the selection is gorgeous. The Acne boots are another staple that I so wish I could own, these ones are the Allis boots.
One of my absolute favourites is the Yana pink sweatshirt, it retails for £230 but it’s so adorable whilst so edgy, I love the crew neck line and text. The Nalle knit is another pick of mine, so simple but I’m sure the quality is amazing and such a staple piece that I would wear year in and year out.
Just a quick note of these pieces that will definitely be on my wishlist for Christmas.
What brand are you loving for A/W right now?
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4 Comments Add yours

    1. editbyellie says:

      So gorgeous isn’t it! XX


  1. thoughtfultash says:

    These pieces are gorgeous- I love how they all go together! xx


    1. editbyellie says:

      Yeah lovely aren’t they – thanks xx


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