A New Chapter | Thoughts On My First Week Of University

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It has been a long time coming; drinking, partying, meeting new people, cooking pasta nearly every night, doing a bit of work and then drinking some more. September, the month of fresh pages and new chapters for many people, including myself. After deferring my University offer last year, it’s safe to say after a year of working in retail and receiving an actual payslip each month my anxiety built up enormously and the anticipation of Uni life was terrifying. But, two weeks in and I’m not just enjoying student life as much as everyone told me I would be but I’m excited, inspired and have more enthusiasm than ever before. I’m fully aware these emotions aren’t going to be experienced throughout my whole University experience I’m going to run with them for the moment. These are a few things that I’ve learnt in my first weeks of being a student.

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You will find your friends and your group, whether it’s one or six close friends or 3 close friends and 5 other friends. You’ll find people you click with and people you don’t but as long as you can get on with everyone it’ll be okay. My flatmates and I aren’t super close and don’t have tonnes in common but we get on with each other and living together is great. We choose to go out with our separate groups, which is fine. You don’t have to be best friends with your flatmates, as long as you get on well that’s all that matters.

Going out during freshers is a must, you have no real responsibilities in your first week so go out, sleep in late, eat that second dinner and do it all over again the next day. Meeting people and having random conversations with other freshers is so good for gaining confidence and even if you don’t drink the environment is always buzzing – you’re unlikely to experience another week like it.

Meal planning has been something I never thought would be as useful as it is, despite having to throw a couple of things out I’ve done well by operating the oven and not just ordering Dominos and Deliveroo’s every night. Although, the fact that I can get a Yasai Yaki Soba to my door in half an hour was a very exciting prospect. Meal planning saves money and the more money I can scrimp to spend on clothes the better.

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The Freshers Fayre is freebee paradise – definitely worth going. We headed down pretty early and managed to grab loads of free sweets, chocolate, tampons and dominos pizza – those three free slices actually saved me and my two friends even won two free large pizzas! Dominos sponsor loads of freshers events so that in itself makes it worthwhile. However, there are also loads of societies to join and all the information is in one place.

My room is actually so much better than I had remembered, bigger, decent en-suit – even if the shower is a strange triangular shape, my bed is so comfy. Hence, why I find it so hard to get up in the morning. That or just the fact I’ve turned into a uni student that cba to get out of bed before 11am. I’m so lucky to have such a nice space and in such a good area – really makes it more homely.

Being homesick is normal – even though it’s not something I’ve experienced personally compared to many students, mainly because I only live 30/40 minutes away. It just so happened that my perfect course was so close and really helps relieve any anxiety knowing I’m only a train ride away from home.


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Be enthused about your course! I’m studying Fashion Marketing and Media. Fashion can so easily be perceived as a superficial, fluffy course but in reality, this course is going to be bloody tough and the workload is already apparent. I’m excited to be learning a range of things from marketing, media skills, business and using Adobe programmes this semester. It will be challenging but when all your lecturers are so inspiring it’s hard not to be enthusiastic. I think if you’re not inspired in your first couple of weeks, you never will be – I’m so lucky to be studying interesting subjects that will still push me.

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  1. So glad you’re enjoying University so far!
    Loved this post, good luck with this years studies! ✨


    1. editbyellie says:

      Thank you lovely x

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