Gucci Décor | Gucci Homeware Collection

Gucci and creative director, Alessandro Michele are renowned for the animal motifs,  bold patterns and statement pieces. All aspects in which make this particular designer brand so iconic and personally, a favourite of mine. Despite not actually owning a single item, one can lust and even more so after seeing the previews of their new homeware collection. ‘Gucci Décor’ is launching September 2017 and is set to allow customers to indulge in the luxury but equally unique prints and textures that are innate to Gucci as a brand. As it describes the premium interior range as “an eclectic collection of items with which customers can dress their own spaces.”



In recent months, Gucci has become partially popular with bloggers and fashion influencers. Classic pieces such as the Gucci ‘double G’ belt, the Marmont bag and the loafer-style heeled pumps, just to name a few. I think Gucci as a brand has really established itself in a more accessible way, therefore people are indulging themselves within the statement ‘G’ logos and luxe designs. And with the launch of the new Décor collection the desire will be just as compelling.

810 (1)810 (2)



The collection is set to launch in stores in September of this year and is inspired by Alessandro Michele and his distinctive fashion collections. The price points vary hugely from $190 to $30,000 and the Décor range will include furniture, teapots, wall paper, silk screens and insense trays. Candles and incense have also been included and Michele has created four scents to complete the stunning collection and allow consumers to bring the luxe of Gucci into their homes not just their wardrobe.

810 (5)810 (4)810 (3)COURTESY GUCCI VIA VOGUE

It has also been mentioned that the Décor collection will be displayed intwined with clothing and accessories and not given a partiular space. “The idea is not to prescribe a particular decorative look, but to provide elements that allow for living spaces to be customised,” the house said.

I’m in the midst of purchasing homewares for my univeristy room so unfortunately I don’t think a gorgeous tiger motif cushion is going to make the cut – budget wise. Although, a girl can dream.

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